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Lash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions 

Designed to enhance the length, thickness, and overall allure of your natural lashes. This technique involves the precise application of individual synthetic lashes to your existing lashes. The result is similar to wearing mascara with some added length. 


Hybrid Lash Extensions

This unique technique involves mixing individual synthetic lashes of varying lengths and thicknesses with fanned lashes to create a textured and multidimensional effect. Adds more volume than a basic set of extensions.


Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lash extensions are an advanced and glamorous eyelash enhancement technique designed to deliver dramatic volume, thickness, and intensity to your natural lashes.. Fanned lashes are applied to every single natural lash.

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Lift & Tint

Designed to enhance the appearance of your natural eyelashes. This procedure provides a semi-permanent solution to create the illusion of longer, thicker, and more defined lashes without the need for mascara or lash extensions.

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Includes a wax, shape & tint! This tint creates a stain on your skin creating a bold "micro bladed" look. Lasts up to 3 weeks on your skin & 6 weeks on the hair.



Events & Jewelry

Looking to host a permanent jewelry private party or add a sweet touch to your next event? Fill out our Permanent Jewelry event form below. For in store appointments, use the link below!

Lift and tint
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